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When you board a Fiji Airways flight, you instantly feel like you’ve known us for a lifetime. You can expect the same care and warmth you naturally receive in the home of a loved one, because onboard Fiji airways, you’re not just a seat number, you’re part of our extended Fijian family. See how we gave three families the Home Away From Home experience of a lifetime.

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Home Away From Home: Kelly Slater

elenoa journeys abroad to unite with long lost family

the mcconnels escape their dairy farm for fiji

the six monahan kids are brought back together

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Welcome to a world where your day is filled with warmth.

Where smiles are real and the exploration of happiness is in our nature.

Welcome to where friendships are made over a bula, and friends become family before you know it.

Where you're relaxed in an instant like you've stepped inside your own home.

Welcome to a place where culture reaches you at 30,000 feet.

Where people are renowned for their hospitality and care for you genuinely.

Welcome to an airline where you're not just flying.

Where care and sincerity come together in our service.

Where you feel you've known us for a lifetime, and you're treated as one of the family and not just a tourist.

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